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This is LULA Ebisu branch.
As the number of overseas customers has been gradually increasing in recent years, I would like to talk about the areas of hair removal that are preferred overseas.
I would like to know what kind of hair removal is preferred outside of Japan.
The United States of America
In the United States, underarm hair removal is considered to be of the utmost importance.
People tend to start with underarm hair removal during puberty because of the impression that having unwanted hair on the lower half of the body is unclean.
On the other hand, they do not seem to care much about hair removal other than VIO, and the underarm and total body hair removal that are popular in Japan are also not performed very much.
As in the U.S., hair removal from the underarms is considered important.
Other parts of the body may be left untreated without much concern, or only the visible areas, such as the limbs, may have hair removal performed.
Many French people with fine and light pigmented hair do not care if they have unwanted hair, and their individual will is respected when it comes to unwanted hair treatment.
People rarely go to stores for permanent hair removal, and shaving and other forms of self-treatment are the norm.
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is a country where total hair removal is widespread.
Many women have their hair removed, including underarm hair, and are highly conscious of hair removal.
Middle East
In Muslim countries, underarm hair is considered unclean, so both men and women have it removed.
The dry region of the United Kingdom is a major reason for the need for hair removal, as hair growth is more likely to occur there.
China and South Korea
In China, hair removal is not so mainstream, and many women do not remove their underarms as well as their underarm hair.
South Korea is a country with a high sense of beauty, and therefore, full-body hair removal, including underarm hair, is often performed.
Thus, it can be seen that in many countries around the world, hair removal for underarm hair is the mainstream practice.
VIO is the most common area for hair removal in LULA.