The most popular apricot scrub in...

Waxing Aftercare.

Scrub care is recommended to prevent buried hairs!

So what is a buried hair?

It is a condition in which hairs are bent before coming to the surface of the skin and are buried under the skin.


We recommend scrub care to prevent such buried hairs.


This has been our No. 1 product since the opening of our Ikebukuro store!

Apricot scrub] 1,800 yen

This is a body scrub cream containing apricot kernel.

Wet the area to be scrubbed, then take an appropriate amount in your hand and apply it to the area to be scrubbed.
Massage the area to be scrubbed.
After massaging, wipe off or rinse off.

The fragrance is floral.

The gentle fragrance is soothing.

And because it contains apricot oil, your skin will feel smooth and silky after use.

It is useful not only as a burrowing hair care product, but also as an exfoliant!

You can also use it on your heels, elbows, and knees in summer.

The reason for its popularity is that it is a large-capacity g that can be used generously!

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