Started hair removal for the summe...


This is Lula Ikebukuro East Exit Store!

The weather is fine today, and I guess this is the last chance to see cherry blossoms.

We are already halfway through the month of April.

For those of you who have started a new life this school year, I hope you are getting over your nervousness by now.

Spring is the season when many people start hair removal in preparation for summer.

As the days get warmer and you no longer need to wear a jacket, you should be concerned about unwanted hair.

For those of you who want to start hair removal from now on, we have a special offer for you.

April only! New Life Support Set

We have prepared a coupon for double hair removal (waxing and optical hair removal) for VIO and underarms for both men and women at a special price!
Women] 10,000 yen
Men】15,000 yen

Even if you think that summer has not come yet,
There will be hot days around Golden Week!

Also, every year around Golden Week, hair removal salons are overbooked!

Let’s start hair removal as soon as possible and prepare for summer!